Contraindication where Exentra Energy System EES therapy should not be used :
•  No long term use in pregnancy
•  Pace maker and other electronic implants
•  Acute and severe fungal or bacterial invasion
•  Severe disturbance of the heart rhythm and severe heart insufficiency
•  Strong bleeding and blood loss of more than 1 litre
•  Hypersensitivity to electromagnetic fields
•  Epilepsy

Contraindication where therapeutic control is necessary.
•  Over functioning of the thyroid gland (Hyperthyroid)
•  Acute stages of auto immune diseases
•  Acute lack of energy (burn out syndrome – muscle meltdown)
•  Severe hypotension (i.e. syst. blood pressure  95 mm Hg)
•  Severe bradycardia (i.e. pulse rate  50)
•  High doses of immune suppressive permanent medication
•  Severe diarrhoea
•  Advanced tumours

Contraindication where the LED Spectacles should not be used.
The possibility of hidden epilepsy can occur in children up to 14 years of age. They need supervision on their first therapy.



The EXENTRA Energy System (EES) is a wellness device used to support general health. If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor for professional advice.