Energy – Source of Life & Health

Below are extracts from the book Energy – Source of Life and Health by Dr Roland G.Heber, M.D, PhD, M.C.M and Josef Plattner , Engineer grad

Prevention should be started long before the first symptoms of disease show themselves. But how does someone, who wants to actively preserve his or her health, know which of the body’s systems needs more energy when there are no symptoms of disease? A number of organs may be affected. Which frequency should be used for overall regeneration? Further, the biologists recommend that the daily use should not exceed one hour, so as far to prevent the organism from getting used to the therapy.

Modern medicine, biophysics and related sciences today are called upon to focus on early diagnosis, early intervention and prophylaxis of disease as well as maintenance of health. After several decades of success in clinical application of electric and magnetic fields in facilitating healing processes in bones, attention has turned injuries of soft tissues – muscles, nerves, tendons. Pulsating energy fields have been found advantageous, because of their non-invasive nature and their ability to communicate with the body through signals readily understandable for the organism. We know that to be effective in communicating signals, Pulsating Electromagnetic Fields have to be low in energy and frequency. While the focus of research is still on the healing of cells, organs and tissues, the response of persons without specific health problems to Pulsating Energy Resonance will be of profound significance for prophylaxis of disease as well as maintenance of health. By the same token, artistic and creative, physical and mental performance are all enhanced, when the body’s communication channels are open and balanced. The healthier a person is in mind and body, the happier he or she will be, and the lesser chance of illness and injury.

When scientists resumed the study of pulsating electromagnetic fields more than forty years ago, they come across an instant effect, which further stimulated its research. They found that a pulsating electromagnetic field could improve the blood flow in the whole organism. The pulsating electromagnetic fields that were used in the sixties were still very simple. Modern electronics has changed the possibilities of the treatment of disease with electromagnetic resonance therapy as much in the past quarter century as modern chemistry changed the treatment of disease with medication in the first three quarters of the last century. In the sixties and seventies, research into electromagnetic fields focused on the body’s own frequency patterns and on how to adjust the oscillations of the induced electromagnetic fields in amplitude, frequency and interference so as to optimize the measurable improvement of the blood flow. As we already know, every organ and every system of organs oscillates at certain frequencies and so can be stimulated at certain frequencies via resonances.

In the EES, bundled multiple frequency patterns are generated. That means that a number of frequencies are sent out simultaneously. These frequencies can generate similar currents as those flowing within the organism. Despite the low energies used, the EES induce a fairly high electromotive force (EMF) in the human body. However, it is not a strong field inducing this high EMF, as it was with the older generations of machines. Instead, it is induced by the fast alternation of weak fields. The energy field is used to induce resonances within the organism. In this way, the organism is mainly stimulated by the activation of its own energy. In comparison to conventional magnetic field therapy, these systems are working with homeopathic doses. EES represents a significant, qualitative improvement in the development of electro-magnetic field therapy machines. A vast advantage of these systems is that they were constructed as therapy equipment for home use. Gentle, regular treatment 2 to 3 times a day with the energy resonance field has the greatest success in prophylaxis and therapy.

The bundled multiple frequency spectrum should contain many single frequencies that have a positive effect on the organism. Why is that so? The following example will illustrate. A man suffers from chronic pain in his joints. He hopes for improvement of his symptoms by healing his body with the help of EES. But, a joint is a very complicated organ. To induce self-healing, improving the nutrient provision to the cells will be necessary. Of course, that also means that the blood flow must be improved and the transfer of oxygen to the blood in the lung must be improved. All enzymes, immune substances, nutrients and building blocks for new molecules are in the blood. The improvement of the oxygen supply is important because oxygen is life. We want to get everything that is required into the joint. Therefore we need the resonance frequencies of these processes as well as the optimal resonance for our bones, our cartilage, for the inhibition of inflammations and for general relaxation. The more frequencies with positive effects that are offered to an individual, the more the organism experiences this bundle of multiple frequencies as a pleasant “melody” of an orchestra of instruments that stimulates it and to which it reacts ideally, helping it to help itself, comprehensively.

According to the long-term experience of scientists and engineers, the frequencies listed below have proven beneficial in the treatment support of the following problems:

1 – 2 Hz inflammation
1 – 3 Hz sleep disorders, heart problems
1 – 3 Hz these frequencies are relaxing and promote sleep
4 Hz sensitivity to weather changes, bronchitis
4 – 5 Hz migraine, sinusitis, nervousness, sciatica
4 – 7 Hz these frequencies are relaxing and calming
5 – 8 Hz blood pressure regulation
9 Hz fatigue, weakness
7 – 13 Hz these frequencies promote learning
8 – 10 Hz headache, weather sensitivity, arthritis, joint and
rheumatic pains
8 – 10 Hz pains from scars and phantom limb pain, hay fever
10 – 12 Hz circulatory and vascular disorders, headaches, muscle tension
10 Hz low blood pressure, weak blood circulation, allergies, sprains
14 – 15 Hz fatigue, chronic tiredness, bronchial asthma
18 Hz rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, intervertebral disc problems
18 – 23 Hz degenerative diseases of the musculoskeletal system, osteoporosis
13 – 23 Hz these frequencies are revitalizing and increase energy levels

EES can be used for therapy and also for prophylactic treatment. The mechanisms take effect in the organism within minutes. Therefore, an application exceeding 15 minutes is not necessary for a healthy person. Depending on the person’s constitution, the effect of the therapy wears off after two hours in a sick person with low energy levels or only after eight hours in a healthy person. Therefore, energy resonance can be and should be performed two to three times a day.

Some manufacturers even advised to extend the application of these fields overnight to get benefit from an 8 hour therapy. Today we know that such advice is not only ill-founded, but counterproductive to the purpose of the therapy. As the beneficial effect of a therapy is always closely related to the dosage prescribed, every ‘too often’, ‘too long’ or ‘too much’ is always too strong an influence on the organism. The body can either get used to the fields and the effects are gone, or the induced forces are no longer only positive for the organism.

The frequency pattern is pre-programmed in the EES. The intensity of the treatment can be adapted to personal responsiveness, daily rhythms and the positioning of the applicator. By changing the positioning of the applicator, a specific area can be treated and a desired local effect achieved. The goal is the vitalization of blood vessels, functional optimization of the tissues, the improvement of absorption of vital nutrients and the stabilization of the autonomic nervous system. All of this is achieved by the use of oscillations that correspond with the natural action potentials of the nerve and muscle fibers of a healthy organism, as well as the resonances of the blood vessels and the parasympathetic nervous system. The program assists in balancing lack of exercises and also improves digestion. It harmonizes the body’s energy balance similar to acupuncture.

This has the following effects:
• Psyche anti-stress effects, deeper breathing (3 Hz rhythm)
• Metabolism improvement of digestion, excretion and detoxification;
• Normalization of fatty acid content and insulin secretion.
• Circulation improvement of peripheral vascular disease and gangrene, reduction of
• Haematoma and oedema, anti-thrombotic effect, stabilization of circulation, migraine (250 Hz basal frequency).
• Regeneration general regeneration, enhancing wound and bone healing, improving degenerative diseases such as ankylosing spondylitis and Sudeck’s atrophy (25 Hz rhythm).
• Immunity immune cell activation.

EES is equally well suited for the prevention of diseases and the preservation of health. It prevents a fast degeneration of the body’s energy potential. Besides having pronounced healing effects in many diseases, it generally regenerates the organism and improves blood, energy and lymph circulation.

For prophylactic use, different programs are used in the mornings and evenings. This takes into consideration the daily biorhythm. Between 9 and 11 a.m. and between 3 and 5 p.m. the release of adrenaline in the human organism is increased. In the evenings, the production of the timekeeper hormone, melatonin, is increased. In contrast, we find significant increases in the growth hormone cortisone in the blood in the mornings. Research has shown that some organs (such as the pineal gland) are very electro/magneto sensitive. The relevant resonance frequencies of specific brain activities are taken into consideration. In addition the systems can be coupled with light and sound therapy and so greater success can be achieved.

For the morning and for promoting alertness, information uptake, information processing and activity, a sum field frequency of 14 to 23Hz is used.

For the evening and for promoting relaxation and sleep with calming down brain activity, a sum field frequency of 0.5 to 7 Hz is applied.

The goal of the therapeutic programs is to bring about the physiological effects, switch on the protein synthesis, so to enable the regeneration of specific cells and organs.

Multiple frequency therapy programs known are:
1. Inflammation, heart problems, sleeping problems, nervousness
2. Nervousness, migraine, sinusitis, bronchitis, weather sensitivity
3. Regulation of high blood pressure, nerve inflammation
4. Fatigue, headaches, migraine, weather sensitivity, hay fever
5. Muscle tension, rheumatism, allergies, hay fever, asthma, migraine
6. Low blood pressure and weak blood circulation, rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis
7. Respiration, intervertebral disc problems
8. Bone and cartilage synthesis, osteoporosis
9. Energy booster, Bone healing (fractures), low blood pressure
10. Blood Circulation

In home therapy, it is best to combine the therapeutic program with the program for general increase in energy levels.

•  induces micro vibrations in the blood vessel walls and thus reduces friction between blood cells and vessels, increasing the blood flow in the small vessels.
•  improves the ability of the blood to transport oxygen and carbon dioxide.
•  speeds up the cells metabolism, improving the supply of cells with nutrients.
•  improves the viscosity of the blood. It becomes thinner and more fluid.
•  regulates blood pressure.
•  reduces the risk of arteriosclerosis.
•  reduces the risk of an embolism.
•  reduces the risk of a stroke or heart attack.
•  acts surprisingly quickly against thrombosis.
•  causes a dilatation (expansion) of the vessels.
•  sensitizes defective baroreceptors by inducing micro vibrations.
•  improves the blood values, especially the acid and the fat content!
•  stimulates the T lymphocytes.
•  increases the activity and function of the immune system.
•  stimulates the healing process and accelerates healing.
•  changes the electric charge of the membranes.
•  helps energy-deficient cells.
•  deepens breathing.
•  induces and reinforces the reconstruction of cells and defective tissues.
•  leads to increased cell division and to growth and regeneration.
•  normalizes the fat metabolism and the blood values.
•  induces increased production of DNA.
•  increases overall protein synthesis.
•  increases the production of numerous important substances in the body.
•  inhibits the clumping of blood cells.
•  makes the regeneration of nerves possible.

The following main effects make it obvious that EES should be used to SUPPORT the treatment of many diseases.
•  Improvement of the circulation
•  Improvement of cell nutrition
•  Improved synthesis of proteins
•  Harmonization of the hormonal balance
•  Strengthening of the immune system



The EXENTRA Energy System (EES) is a wellness device used to support general health. If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor for professional advice.