Introduction to EES

The Exentra Energy System (EES) is an energy resonance system which produces a pulsating energy field by means of a control unit and an applicator mat. This energy field stimulates a resonance within the human body. It induces fine currents within the body that are very similar to the body’s own currents.

EES stimulates the body’s own powers and thus triggers a profound effect within the body, which can only otherwise be achieved by using pharmaceuticals. However, as it is the body’s own forces that are mobilized, the application has virtually no side effects and is thus a very effective naturopathic method.

EES consists of
•  Control system with 29 individual programs & 8 intensity levels
•  Big Mat applicator
•  Small Mat applicator
•  Stereo Headphone for sound therapy
•  LED glasses for light therapy
•  Power Adapter

The mat applicator is suitable for a full body treatment. It can be placed on the bed, relaxing couch, therapy table or floor. It comprises of an elastic coil system and comes complete with an easy to clean PU leatherette cover.

The small mat applicator is a small, handy applicator which is mostly used for local application on a single part of the body. It is also designed as a travel appliance.

EES has 29 programs. A number of programs are generally used to build up energy and are intended for morning and all-day application. Other programs are for relaxation and have a soothing effect, when used in the evening they promote the release of regeneration hormones and thus support sleep and the accompanying regeneration of the body while it is at rest. There are also 9 consciousness programs using only light and sound therapy, which are suitable for mental training.

Since the levels of sensitivity differ from person to person, the intensity can be adapted to your own personal sensitivity, ranging from level 1 through to level 8. Those who are old, frail and weak react particularly strongly to the energy resonance and should adapt by starting with intensity level 1 or 2. For long term prophylactic use, keep the intensity at Level 4 and below. For short term therapeutic use, intensity can be increased to level 6 to 8.

Simply relax and lie down on the mat, start the program selected and enjoy the optical color patterns and the soothing rhythms. You may feel a gentle, pleasant tingling sensation while the program is in progress. The standard programs only require 10 – 15 minutes.  The 18 to 23 minutes therapies are intended for those who want to take more time for a meditative experience.



The Exentra Energy System (EES) is a wellness device used to support general health. If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor for professional advice.