Power Detox

How Power Detox Increases Optimum Cellular Functions

The Power Detox combines iontophoresis with electrolysis, to create ionised mineralised water, similar to that of ancient traditional spa found in Roman baths & spas. A very low electric current is passed through water, which has a small amount of salt (Sodium Chloride) added. Through the principles of electrolysis, the water and salt molecules are ionized into positive and negative ions. These ions can then pass into parts of the human body that are submerged in the water (particularly the feet, as they contain over 2000 pores on the average) and are circulated around the body via blood and lymph routes. The addition of exogenous ions stimulates the sodium/potassium pump in the cell membrane as well as other membrane bound transport systems. This increases the uptake of nutrients and water which are essential for optimum cellular function and at the same time the added water assists in the removal of homotoxins, a process known as detoxification.

Price for Power Detox : S$6800 . Free consultation & delivery in Singapore.

Warranty : 3 years for Controller, 1 year for Adapter.